Mapping Solution

SURETY® Online Mapping

AgriData, Incorporated of Grand Forks, ND has a mapping product that provides aerial applicators with the ability to generate maps using FSA Acreage and field borders that can be exported to a shape file. Surety Online Mapping provides nationwide coverage of all current NAIP imagery and FSA field borders.

You can select or custom create field borders to be downloaded as a shape file in a fast and easy method. You can also print aerial maps and application reports with this system. These options allow you to easily identify application fields and know the locations.


  • Print maps with FSA acreages and field borders. 
  • Draw your own field boundaries. 
  • Export field border(s) to a shape file and load the shape file on to a PCMCIA card. 
    Now your moving map display can read the shape file in your aircraft guidance system (Satloc, etc.).
  • Recall the field number, set your A-B line (repeat poly pattern), set view, now fly direct to the field.
  • Fly to the right field, the first time, every time. 

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