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Pilot fatigue and stress are factors known to be among the leading causes of flying accidents. My Seating Solution helps to reduce these two factors, by bringing a significant level of comfort to the mesh “cool seats” found in most agricultural aircraft.  These seat cover cushions help reduce pilot fatigue and fatigue-related stress and help bring an additional measure of safety into the cockpit.  

My Seating Solution helps make long days a lot more comfortable, with less pilot distraction caused by an uncomfortable seat.  

Here is what customers are saying about my Seating Solution:

  • “I don’t feel as tired as I used to.” – D. Kubecka, Texas
  • “It's like a new seat every day.” – D. Lewis, Mississippi 
  • “John loves his seat. No more leg cramps. Thanks so much!” – Judy

Seat covers are available for these aircraft:

Seat covers are constructed from easy-care, durable materials:

  • CONFOR foam, developed by NASA
  • Easy-to-clean automotive fabric
  • Marine-grade vinyl

Seat cover colors:

  • Royal Blue & Red


Installation is easy and takes less than an hour.

 Download Seat Installation Instructions